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Treal SCX6 Type B Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Treal SCX6 “Type B” 2.9" Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

You can now add even more personal flair to your Axial SCX6 Jeep Wrangler thanks to Treal’s “Type B” Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. With their unique, modern design and multiple color options, you can give your large-scale trail rig a major refresh without much effort.

Made from CNC-machined 7075 aluminum, these wheels feature a hex-spoke design with silver and black accents. Five color options are available to choose from (black, blue, purple, orange, and green) and each wheel weighs 237g, which should help keep your SCX6 planted to the trail.

Treal SCX6 “Type B” Aluminum Beadlock Wheel Specs:

  • Diameter: 2.9″
  • Width: 52.5mm (2.067″)
  • Inner Wheel Clearance: 16.2mm (0.637″)
  • Hex Hub Size: 17mm
  • Outer hardware: Beadlock Rings M2.510 (Silver) + Cap Head M2.514 (Silver)

Priced at $89.00 per pair, Treal’s SCX6 “Type B” Aluminum Beadlock Wheels are available for purchase at

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