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Pro-Line Customized Vaterra Twin Hammers

Trick Out Your Vaterra Twin Hammers with Pro-Line

Vaterra Twin Hammers Pro-Line Modifications
The Vaterra Twin Hammers has really taken off. The Twin Hammers has become a popular choice for both bashers and for people that are into the scale scene.

Pro-Line recently wrote up an article showcasing some of the modifications that you can do to your Twin Hammers while using their existing products. These mods give the Twin Hammers a unique look while also improving performance. Some of the modifications outlined are- installing new wheels/tires, mounting a new body, and putting on scale accessories. To get all the details on how to use Pro-Line products to trick out your Twin Hammers just hit THIS LINK.

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Posted by in Pro-Line, Vaterra on Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 at 8:13 am