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TTRobotix RoboHero

TTRobotix RoboHero RC Robot

There are many different types of rc. A lot of people reading this site are all about running rc cars, but many people also enjoy running rc boats, rc tanks, etc. And while rc cars have arguably been the most popular form of rc over the years, there are some new types that are starting to catch on. Drones are a good example of a new remote control genre that is really taking off right now.

RC Robots are a segment that have traditionally been too pricey or hard to get to become really popular. To help make rc robots more mainstream, TTRobotix has announced the new RoboHero. The RoboHero was first exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas a few weeks ago and it really shows some promise for the genre. Some of the highlights of the RoboHero include-

* You can control 17 different axis
* RoboHero can be controlled via an app for iOS devices
* Utilizes 160° micro servos
* Free downloadable motion scripts are available
* You can make your RoboHero unique via 3D printable parts
* Dimension- H230 x W80 x D115(mm)
* Weight- 500g
* Servo-
* Battery- 8.4V/500mAh Lipo

Want more details? If so, check out This Link over on Thunder Tiger’s TTRobotix website.

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