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Turnigy ENOS Power Booster

Turnigy ENOS In-line Power Booster

If you watch Formula 1 racing then you already know what KERS is, if not, it is a Kinetic Energy Return System. In F1, drivers charge their KERS system while racing, then are allowed to discharge it a few seconds per lap for more power. Turnigy has a product that is supposed to do something similar for the rc crowd. The Turnigy ENOS In-Line Electronic Booster charges while driving, then is said to give more power when activated by the third channel on your transmitter. The booster is said to increase the voltage to your ESC for more speed coming out of corners, over big jumps, etc.

* Charge time- 20 seconds
* Capacitance- 30 farad
* Input Voltage- 6-14v
* Max Charge Current- 3.5 amps

The part number is #9506000001-0, they are priced at $28, and they are available right now. To get more information simply hit up This Link on the Hobbyking website.

Have you seen the BigSquidRC Facebook page? If not, hit This Link to check it out.

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