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RISE Indorfin Drone

Two New Drones From RISE

Just announced by RISE is the Indorfin 130 Race Drone as well as the Archon GPS Drone.

First up is the Indorfin which will be available in two versions. The RTF version comes with everything you need to get racing and is priced at $299 with a part number of #RISE0210. The Indorfin will also come as a FPV-R, meaning you’ll need to supply the transmitter and FPV goggles. The FPV-R is priced at just $179 with a part number of #RISE0211.

* Carbon fiber chassis
* 600 TVL camera
* 5.8GHz video transmitter
* Betaflight equipped F3 flight controller
* Comes with spare props

The second new drone from RISE is the Archon. The Archon is street priced at $299 with a part number of #RISE0300. The Archon was designed to make it affordable and easy to start shooting video and pictures with a RTF drone.

* 100% ready to fly via FPV, comes with everything needed
* Return to home function
* Auto hold feature
* Injection molded plastic chassis
* Video transmitter works with most 5.8GHz FPV goggles
* Watch in real time, or add a micro memory card to store video
* On-board DVR
* LED lighting for orientation
* Battery telemetry sensor, returns to home when battery gets low

You can use This Link to read more RISE news on BigSquidRC.


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