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TWS RC VTG80 4WD Scale Off-Road Kit

TWS RC 1/10 VTG80 4WD Scale Off-Road Kit

New from TWS RC is the 1/10th scaled VTG80 4WD Scale Off-Road Kit. The kit version of the VTG80 comes ready for serious off-road adventure with a durable 4wd system and a realistic looking body. Here are more highlights-

* High-efficiency planetary gearbox
* Reverse rotation transfer case
* Aluminum suspension system
* Front motor placement
* Beefy CNC machined bevel gears in the axles
* AMS or CMS steering system
* Adjustable battery box
* Full bearing set
* New A162 front and rear axle sets
* Realistic wheels and tires
* Weight – 1450 grams (without electronic)
* Width – 200mm
* Wheelbase – 252mm

You can hit up this link to get more details on the TWS RC VTG80 Off-Road Kit, or you can Click This Link to get more TWS news on Big Squid RC.


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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 at 12:59 pm