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MaxAmps Signature Series LiPo

Ultra High-End MaxAmps Signature Series 6S 10900 LiPo

Ever see a LiPo battery with a built in data logger, a real carbon fiber case, and that comes with a Pelican Case to store it in when not in use? Well now you have, as those are some of the features of the new Signature Series 6S 10900 LiPo from MaxAmps. While designed for use in large UAVs like the DJI S1000 and S800 EVO, it can be used in various other applications as well. Some of the main features of the Signature Series 6S 10900 include-

* Matched, hand picked Grade A cells
* 36 hours of storage on data logger
* Waterproof
* 22.2 volts of output with 10,900mAh capacity
* Lifetime warranty
* Rated for 120C discharge and 5C for charging
* Size- 175mm x 51mm x 109mm
* Weight- 1502g

The big Signature Series LiPo has a street price of $699 and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official MaxAmps website.

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