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2016 ARRMA BLX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing – 2016 ARRMA Typhon BLX Buggy

Did you know that the 2016 version of the ARRMA Typhon has received a number of updates? If not, now you do. The new Typhon comes with a new Tactic radio system, beefed up wing mount, updated wheels, and a number of other changes. The price point stays the same at $429 and they are shipping right now to a friendly hobby shop near you.

We recently received one for review and took a bunch of pictures when we cracked it out of the box. As you can see the Typhon is still a beast with an updated 6S capable BLX brushless power system and long travel suspension. You’ll probably also notice that XT90 connectors now comes stock, as do rubber body clip retainers. The included TTX300 transmitter has a great reputation and feels good in the hand.

Our full review of the new Typhon will go up late next week, until then enjoy the unboxing photos and if you want more details Right Here is the link to the official Typhon page on ARRMA’s website.

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