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Carisma GT16MT Unboxing

Unboxing – Carisma GT16MT RTR

Carisma GT16MT Unboxing
Carisma might not be available here in the states (yet!), but they sure have a cool looking bash line-up. Today we’ll show you what it looks like to pull a brand new Carisma GT16MT out of the box.

The pictures below don’t really show the scale of the GT16MT but it is a big “mini”. The GT16MT dwarfs an Associated RC18T and is substantially larger than an 18th scale ECX Ruckus. The other thing that stuck out during the unboxing was the lexan undertray and buggy body/inner tray on the Carisma.

Our full review goes live in a couple weeks, until then check out our unboxing pictures. To get more information on all the products that Carisma makes simply hit This Link.

Click Here to read more Carisma news on BigSquidRC, and hit the “Read More” button for two more unboxing galleries of the GT16MT.

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