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Unboxing Castle Creations Mamba Monster X

Unboxing – Castle Creations Mamba Monster X

New and improved from Castle Creations is the Mamba Monster X electronic speed controller. We recently received one to bash/test, so we got out the camera to take pictures while we unboxed it. As you can see by the pictures, the Mamba X is different than previous 1/8th models from Castle. A big red “X” on top shows that it is part of Castle’s new X series of controllers and you’ll also notice that it comes with a new on/off switch that is covered with a rubber boot to help keep moisture/sand/dirt out. You can also see that the wire that runs to the receiver has more than just one plug, the Monster X actually has two, one of which is used as an auxiliary wire so that you can make changes on the fly by using your transmitter. Also of note, the new Monster X is waterproof, it comes with internal data logging, and it can be used on both sensorless and sensored brushless motors. We have already been testing our Monster X in an ARRMA Kraton, look for our full review in about two weeks.

The Monster X is street priced at $160, it has a part number of #010-0145-00, and Right Here is it’s product page over on the official Castle Creations website.

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