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CEN Colossus XT Unboxing

Unboxing – CEN Colossus XT Monster Truck

The CEN Colossus XT is ready to make a big splash at your local bashing grounds. Before we started our review, we took a bunch of unboxing pictures to give you readers at home a good look at what comes inside the box.

The big CEN was a bit different from a normal unboxing. It came with a sleeve on the outside of the box with the truck’s pictures and features. The transmitter also comes inside a small box, which is not the way it is packaged in most RTRs. Everything else was pretty standard. One more small note, the Colossus came with film over its body to protect it during shipping, which was a nice touch.

Our full review of this monster goes up next week. Until then please enjoy the unboxing pictures and you can use This Link to get more details over on HRP’s website.

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Posted by in Unboxing on Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at 9:15 pm