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Pro-Line Ambush Unboxing

Unboxing – Pro-Line Ambush 1/25 Scale Crawler

In what might turn out to be the biggest seller this coming Christmas season, Pro-Line recently announced the 1/25th Scale Ambush Scale Crawler. While small, the Ambush is perfectly sized for indoor crawling, something that a lot of people that live in colder climates can appreciate.

While we are finishing up our full review of the Ambush, we are posting some unboxing pictures to show you exactly what it looks like to crack the box open. Once you have the box open you’ll find the truck, a Pro-Line transmitter, a 2 cell Lithium battery, a charger, instructions, extra body stickers, and a handy dandy t-style wrench. P-L makes it super easy to get started as absolutely everything you need to drive comes right in the box.

A lot of people have been wondering when they can lay their hands on one. The latest word is that they are shipping some time in October. However, with the huge response to the release and its very affordable price point, the first shipment is expected to sell out quickly. The Ambush will be street priced at just $183 and you might want to use the part number of #4004-00 to get on the pre-order list down at your local hobby shop.

Our full review of the Ambush goes up next Tuesday. To get more details in the meantime you can head on over to Pro-Line’s Official Website, or you can Click Here for more P-L news on BigSquidRC.


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