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Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer

Unboxing – Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer

Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer
When Speed Passion first announced their new LM-1 LeMans car we were immediately interested. It’s a pan car so it should be fast and it has some pretty cool scale looks, nobody can resist that combination.

While we are finishing up the LM-1 review, have a look at the unboxing pictures. It comes in two boxes, a small box containing the actual car kit, and a larger box with the body inside. The biggest thing we noticed during the unboxing was how trick the multi-piece body looks. If it looks this good clear, it should really knock our socks off when painted.

Also pictured but not included in the kit are a Speed Passion Reventon S ($59) speed controller and a Speed Passion V3.0 17.5R ($49) brushless motor. We are looking forward to seeing how much rip these affordable units have during our review.

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