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Rage RC RZX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing The 1/6 Rage RC RZX Buggy

It has been about a month since Rage RC announced the 1/6 RZX RTR Brushless Buggy and we are stoked to finally have one in our hands. The first thing we did once it arrived was to grab a camera and get some all important unboxing pictures.

As we pulled the RZX out of the box we took a bunch of pictures that you can see below. The RZX really is a big beast sporting a length of nearly 27 inches. We also noticed its unique roofline, which is abbreviated at the front. Right under that roof we found a very cool dash/steering wheel, and an even cooler set of seats. The seats, as well as the dash, are made from a flexible plastic, not from polycarbonate, and the seats are removable so that you can get to the battery tray! The roof easily rotates via a pair of body clips to the rear, while the seats are held in place by four plastic slide handles.

So far we’ve found the RZX to be quite unique and can’t wait to get started with the driving portion of our review. Look at the pictures below to find more cool features and to get a feel for how big it is. Afterwards, you can hit up
This Link to get more details, or you can Click Here to read more Rage RC news on BigSquidRC.


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