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ARRMA Nero Unboxing

Unboxing The ARRMA Nero Monster Truck

The ARRMA Nero is about ready to take over the bashing world. The non-smart diff version is already shipping, while the uber edition with the remote lockable diffs will start hitting consumer hands any time now. Today we are posting up some unboxing photos so you can see exactly what it looks like to crack open the box on a brand new smart diff equipped Nero.

Much has already been posted about the Nero, but here are a few notes that we jotted down during the unboxing.

* The Nero is a radically different design than any of ARRMA’s previous 8th scalers. Most notable is its twin vertical plate chassis, laydown shocks, and of course its servo controlled diffs that are lockable via the remote.

* Speaking of the transmitter, it is a Tactic which has decent ergonomics and solid range. By twisting a knob just in front of the wheel you can allow all diffs to be open, lock just the center, lock the center & rear, or lock all three.

* The battery tray lids feature a unique locking design. The trays also have plenty of room for big/long packs, allowing a wide variety of packs to used.

* The body clips come attached to the body, thus you won’t have to worry about losing them.

* The laydown linkage style suspension feels better out of the box than other units we’ve tested. It isn’t too soft, nor too progressive in its damping curve.

* XT-90 battery connectors come stock. These are capable of passing a lot of current, but you might not have any batteries or charge adapters for them in your toolbox yet. The Nero does come with an extra set of connectors to solder to your batteries to help get you up and running.

* Also shown in our unboxing pictures are a pair of Duratrax Onyx 3S LiPo batteries. These are not included with the truck but are what we have been using during the review process. These are 5400mAh units that come with XT-90 connectors and are a great fit the stock battery trays.

Overall, the Nero is one very sharp looking truck out of the box, and one that is very technologically advanced. Our full review is nearly finished and should go up late next week. The Nero with smart diffs is available for pre-order right now with a price point of $799. While you are waiting for our review you can hit up This Link on ARRMA’s website for more details.

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