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Unboxing the Carisma M10DT RTR


While the new Carisma vehicles haven’t made their way stateside (quite yet), their line-up of bashing vehicles continues to grow. Check out the new Carisma M10DT as we unbox it for the first time.

We were nicely surprised by the flat paint on the outside of the vehicle, as it takes an interesting twist to being also on the tires, the bumpers, and anything else exposed. It’s almost as if there is a artist on the Cariama assembly line painting them as they go by.. or at least we like to imagine it that way.

Another interesting surprise was the parts tree in the box for the accessories. There are actually two of them. Our resident model painter was digging this for sure, and is looking forward to getting started.

We will have a full review in a couple weeks after we get some serious wheel time in. For now, check out our unboxing pictures. To get more information on all the products that Carisma makes simply hit This Link.

Make sure you hit the “Read More” button below for more unboxing galleries under the hood of the M10DT, we took plenty of pictures. Click Here to read more Carisma news on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in Carisma, Unboxing on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 2:21 pm