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Unboxing ECX Ruckus 4WD Brushless

Unboxing the ECX Ruckus 4WD Brushless RTR

Want to do some serious bashing? If so, it is hard to beat a 4wd monster truck. The folks over at ECX have a Brushless and AVC equipped version of their Torment 4WD that is aimed right at a typical basher. With its big tires and serious power under the hood, it should be a prime bashing vehicle.

Below you’ll find a bunch of pictures showing exactly what it looks like when you crack open the brushless 4WD Ruckus from its box. As you can see, the main attraction is its brushless powerplant, but it also comes with AVC stability control to help put all that power to the ground. It also comes with a NiMH battery and charger, making it very easy for a new hobbyist to get started. We will be running the Ruckus on its included battery, but we also took a picture of a pair of the new Kinexsis LiPo batteries that we will be running in the truck as well. The Kinexsis packs are affordable and should make good upgrade packs for people not wanting to run the stock NiMH.

Our full review will be going up soon, if you want more details on the BL 4WD Ruckus simply hit up This Link. To see even more unboxings, check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.


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