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Graupner X-8E Unboxing

Unboxing The Graupner X-8E Radio

There are several high-end radios on the market, but one of the most unique is the Graupner X-8E. Why is it unique? Well, for several reasons. The X-8E comes its own hard-case right in the box, it sports a high-end 3.5″ touch sensitive display, and the fact that it even comes with a large 5000mAh LiPo battery makes it special. The Graupner was designed to fit right along with the very best radios on the market, but at a much more affordable $379 price point. In case you are wondering, the X-8E is in hobby shops now should you want to check one out in person.

The first thing was noticed about our test unit was just how big its box was. The box is larger because immediately inside you’ll see the X-8E’s hard-case enclosure. This is the same type of hard-case that costs $100 from other brands, but comes included with the Graupner. The second thing we noticed was how well balanced the transmitter felt in our hand. While it uses a narrow grip design, the grip is quite comfortable, just like its drop-down wheel which also comes standard. The Graupner is also loaded with technical features like telemetry, vibration feedback, a port for using Bluetooth, and separate modes for crawlers, boats, and race vehicles.

So far we have been super impressed with what we’ve seen. Our full review should go live in a couple of weeks, until then, please enjoy the unboxing pictures. You can use This Link to get full details of the X-8E over on the official Graupner website.

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