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Unboxing the HPI Racing Mini Trophy Truck – Exclusive!

Here it is folks, live and in the flesh, the HPI Mini Trophy Truck! I think it’s safe to say this is probably the most anticipated RC truck in a long time! Everywhere you go, people are talking about it, so it’s our honor to bring you this exclusive first unboxing.

First off, the packaging is amazing! Whoever designed it, give that person a raise! The way the radio and parts are ‘hidden’ inside the box so all you see is the truck in the off-road setting is really impressive looking. This look is going to sell trucks at the hobby shops!

Does anyone else call it the MTT or is that pretty much just Cubby? He’s already labeled the driver ‘Mini Cubby’. He hasn’t let the thing out of his site, and rambling about how Mini Cubby is going to need a custom helmet paint job.

A lot of buzz on the net has been about how do you get the batteries in the thing, and how do you work on stuff with the body and roll cage? We have plenty of pics to show you, click through to see the rest, so we don’t clutter the front page.

In pictures 31 and 33 you can see the alternate placement for the rear shocks to be mounted.

So how does it compare to the Blitz in size and look? Here ya go!

So what have we learned?
It looks awesome in person.
The batteries slide in the back under a hinged door that the tires sit on.
The rear shock adjustments on the back are pretty significant changes.
Little Cubby needs a paint job.
The tires on the back are not real, just plastic for looks.
Receiver sits under the driver, and the center gear box sits under the navigator.

Videos, Driving Impressions, and full review coming soon!

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Check out the HPI web site for more info.

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