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Kyosho Zephyr Drone Racer Unboxing

Unboxing The Kyosho Zephyr Drone Racer

The Kysho Zephyr is a big deal. Why is that? The first reason is because it is the first ” real drone” from Kyosho. The second reason is because it isn’t like a typical drone. The Zephyr is controlled by a pistol style radio. While flying you can turn left, right, and go faster or slower, but you aren’t constantly adjusting height off the ground. Altitude is set by a thumb switch at either 1 or 2 feet. To boil it down, the Zephyr is like a floating rc car, designed to be raced around various styles of tracks.

Our full review of the Zephyr will go live next week. Before it does, we wanted to post some unboxing pictures to give you guys at home a look at what comes inside the box. Shown in the pictures below is a RTR/RTF Zephyr with its air-frame, transmitter, extra props, battery, and charger. In person it indeed looks very trick, next week you’ll get to find out our thoughts about the Zephyr when reading the review.

To get more information on the Kysho Zephyr Drone Racer you can use This Link to jump on over to Kyosho’s website. The link lists all the specifications on the Zephyr, plus it shows its pricing of $219 and its part number of #20572BK-B. They are shipping right now, so if you get the urge you can lay hands on one any time you want.

Want more Kyosho news? Use This Link to find more on BigSquidRC.


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