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Spektrum DX5R Unboxing

Unboxing The Spektrum DX5R

Have you ever wanted a radio with high-end features that didn’t come with a high-end price? That is exactly what the Spektrum DX5R is slated to do. The DX5R has pro-class ergonomics, like an adjustable drop down wheel, and is loaded with features, yet sports a street price of only $279.

We have been testing the DX5R, but before our review goes live, we are posting our unboxing pictures. When cracking the DX5R out of the box you will notice a thick owners manual that covers all of the things that the radio can do, plus you’ll also notice the SR6000T receiver that supports the radio’s telemetry system. A large, vibrant screen is immediately noticeable as being easy to read, and the radio’s Simplescroll interface makes it easy to change settings.

Later this week we’ll be doing a comparison between the DX5R and the newly updated DX6R from Spektrum. Then later, we’ll go live with our full review of the DX5R. Until then you can Use This Link to read up on all the finer details and features that radio possesses.

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