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Unboxing the Traxxas MAXX Monster Truck

You’ll probably be able to tell in the video, but we are pretty excited about the Traxxas MAXX arriving at the office. We are big fans of the X-MAXX, and we can’t wait to bash it’s smaller offspring. Out of the box, everything impresses. It was funny to see Jeremy upset about the cool way the body mounts on the MAXX while the scale/crawler side of things still needs pins. Enjoy the video, please make sure to like, subscribe and comment! We appreciate your support.

*NOTE: We talk about the front and rear lights that were included in our demo model. These lights are NOT included on the stock vehicle. If you want to add these lights, check out the High-output Light Kit #8990.

Watch for our FIRST RUN video and MAXX review coming soon.

You can pre-order the Traxxas Maxx right now at that link, or get some more details if needed.

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Posted by in Unboxing on Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 11:06 am