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Vaterra Glamis Fear Unboxing

Unboxing – Vaterra Glamis Fear RTR Buggy

Vaterra Glamis Fear Unboxing Pictures
You may remember a few months ago when we “unboxed” our review Vaterra Glamis Uno by throwing it Off The Roof of a house. Our Vaterra Glamis Fear Four Seat Buggy is not getting such a brutal introduction to the rc world. We took our time and delicately unboxed it so you can see exactly what comes in the package when you get yours home.

The Fear is much like its older brother, the Uno, in the aspect that it is a 2wd off-road buggy. It also features the same brushless power system and 2.4 GHz radio gear. It does look somewhat different with its bright red body and four seat interior.

The most striking thing to us during the unboxing was just how good looking and scale realistic the Glamis Fear is. Vaterra is raising the realism bar, it will be interesting to see what the other manufactures do to keep up.

Our full review goes up next Tuesday September 10th, until then enjoy the unboxing pictures. For more information on the Vaterra Fear simply click THIS LINK.

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