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VS Tank Unboxing

Unboxing – VS Tanks 1/24 Scale Japanese Type 10 & King Tiger Porsche

Hey look, our very first tank unboxing! Yes, rc tanks can be pretty dern cool to bash with. We recently received the latest from VS Tanks and took a bunch of pictures while pulling them out of their packaging. One tank is a German King Tiger Porsche in Desert Camo, while the other unit is a Japanese Type 10 (both are priced at $199). These tanks are 1/24th in scale, which still makes them fairly large at nearly a foot in length. Both tanks are set up to be used for infrared combat which can be a great way to have fun indoors this winter.

While we didn’t expect much from unboxing some tanks, the VS Tanks absolutely blew us away with their scale realism! Both have incredible fine detailing, looking like something that our Grandfathers might have spent months building and painting, but these come RTR and ready for infrared combat right out of the box! Both also seemed to have quite capable suspension systems, but the full verdict won’t be in until our full review comes out in a few weeks.

Enjoy the unboxing pictures and look for our full review in the near future. If you want to learn more about all the cool tank gear that VS Tanks makes, hit This Link to visit their official website.

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