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Upcoming Forum RE-Work Needs YOUR Input!

Hey all,
Big Squid RC has never been known for our forums. Well, except for the Drag Racing Forum. If it’s RC Drag Racing you are looking to talk about, you have found the right place. For everything else though, our forums have been pretty general, and we have never really tried to hype them up. We know there are a LOT of good forums out there, heck we hang out on them as well.

That being said, we are looking to try and pick up our forum traffic. We are going to be re-working some of the forum soon, getting rid of some of the areas that nobody talks about (xmods) and maybe add a few sections we think would be useful.

This is where YOU come in! What sections do you think we should add? Is there a section you think we should add? Is there an area of RC that nobody else has a good place to talk about it that you think someone needs to do? Should we be more general? Should we have a 1/5th scale section? Should we break up nitro and electric? Maybe things are broken up too much and we should just have ALL BASHING ALL THE TIME! Let us know! Drop me an email or post in the forums general section! Let us know how to improve the site. This is your chance to tell us what you want!

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Posted by in News, Site News on Monday, January 12th, 2009 at 2:13 pm