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Upgrades for Novak’s Ballistic brushless motor line

Did you think your days of taking apart motors was over when you switched to brushless?  Well, you were wrong!  WRONG!  Taking motors apart will always be a part of this hobby, whether you like it or not.  Along those lines, Novak has a few new pieces for you to put back in your motors.

The epoxy dipped stators for the Ballistic brushless line are made for harsh conditions to keep the motor windings from moving around and contacting the rotor.  That will help keep your motor from shorting out and dying prematurely.  There’s a number of stators that will be available, from 6.5T up to 25.5T.

Also available is a new 1S graded sintered rotor for all of Novak’s brushless motors, including the Ballistic line.  This new rotor is 12.3mm in diameter and allows for higher RPM in 1S applications, such as 1/12 scale carpet racing.  The rotor has also been nickel plated for a longer life.

Both of these products are available directly from Novak, the stators start at $39.99 and go up to $42.99 for the 25.5T, while the rotor is priced at $16.99.


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Posted by in New Products, Novak on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 10:11 pm