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Vanquish Incision Plastic KMC Machete Wheels

Vanquish Incision Plastic KMC Machete Beadlock Wheels

Recently announced by Vanquish Products are 1.9″ Incision KMC Machete Beadlock Wheels. These are now being offered in plastic as a high-quality, yet affordable, alternative to machined aluminum. The Machete’s are a full beadlock design and also offer adjustable offsets. The wheels do come with aluminum inner and outer beadlock rings and are compatible with Incision aluminum hubs.

Street pricing for a pair of the wheels is just $24 and they have a part number of #IRC00250. Hit This Link for full details over on the Vanquish website, or Click Right Here to read more Vanquish news on BigSquidRC.


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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 at 2:29 pm