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Vanquish Products H10 Optic RTR Trail Buggy

Vanquish Products 1/10 H10 Optic RTR Trail Buggy

New from Vanquish Products is the 1/10 H10 Optic RTR Trail Buggy. The new H10 Optic RTR was designed to be the ultimate trail rig with stylish looks and a highly capable chassis. Here are more highlights-

* H10 hydro front axle
* Simulated double ended hydraulic ram steering system
* VDI universal axle shafts for 47° of steering angle
* Integrated steering skid plate
* Secure battery access
* Molded cage and Optic ABS hard body
* Two fully licensed liveries – Sparco or Yokohama
* VFD transmission
* Overdrive transfer case
* Yokohama Geolandar M/T 4.75″ red compound tires
* Detailed interior
* 35 turn brushed motor

The Vanquish H10 Optic RTR Trail Buggy is street priced at $499 and has a part number of #VPS09010.

You can get more Vanquish News on Big Squid RC.


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