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Vanquish Products RC VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Crawling Kit

Vanquish Products Drops The Hardcore VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Crawling Kit

Have you been looking for a new high-end crawler? If so, have a look at the mighty VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Crawling Kit from the good folks over at Vanquish. The VS4-10 Phoenix Portal is the latest and greatest from Vanquish and was designed to not only look scale, but to have outstanding performance out on the trail. Check out these highlights-

* High clearance F10 portal axle housings
* Offset pumpkin up front w/ centered pumpkin in the rear
* VFD twin transmission for selectable overdrive and 3 position dig unit
* ISD10 driveshafts w/ machined CV style joints and molded splined shafts
* Brass inner reinforcement tubes
* Double shear shock mounts
* Durable machined portal gears

The Vanquish VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Crawling Kit has a part number of #VPS09007 and will be street priced at $499.

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 at 6:41 pm