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Vanquish Products F10T Aluminum Axles

Vanquish Products F10T Aluminum Front and Rear Aluminum Axle Housings

Following in the path of its VS4–10 Straight Axle Kit release Vanquish Products has announced its F10T Front and Rear Aluminum Axle Housings. With a focus on scale detail, these new axle housings should add class to your next solid-axle, non-portal R/C build.

The F10T Front Axle Housing ($149.99) features an offset diff pumpkin, one-piece bearing retainers, an integrated C-hub design, an integrated panhard mount, and a built-in upper link mount for enhanced scale realism and durability.

The F10T Rear Axle Housing ($139.99) features adjustable upper link positions, a centered diff pumpkin, one-piece bearing retainers, and rear bearing retainer caps.

Both of these new aluminum axle housings are available in either clear anodized or flat black finishes and include the Vanquish Products logo emblazoned on the front.

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