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Vanquish Products VFD Twin Transmission Kit

Vanquish Products VFD Twin Transmission Kit

Coming soon from Vanquish Products is the VFD Twin Transmission Kit. Evolved from the original VFD, the VFD Twin Kit comes with selectable overdrive and rear dig. Here are more highlights-

* Twin shifting transfer case with replaceable bearing plates
* Brass pivot for the shift arms and chromoly shift slides
* On the fly overdrive shifting from 6.5% to 33%
* Places motor forward and as low as possible
* Works with 540 sized motors
* Overdrive neutral position for 2WD (disengages front output)
* 3 position Dig
* Slipper clutch
* Hardened chromoly shafts
* Scale molded transmission housing

The Vanquish VFD Twin Transmission Kit has a part number of #VPS10200 and will be street priced at $179.

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