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Vanquish Products XR Width axle tubes for the Axial SCX10 Currie RockJock

When Vanquish Products released the licensed Currie Rockjock for the Axial SCX10 the promised the axle system would be totally modular allowing their customers to build the axle to suit their needs. It took a little while but the wider XR width axle tubes for the Currie RockJock have finally hit the market. The whole XR name came from the popular Axial XR10 comp kit that was out at the time. (Now discontinued) The scaler community felt that a slightly wider than stock SCX10, but not quite as wide as a Axial Wraith would be the perfect width for the beloved scaler, (about the width of an XR10 axle) so the name might be confusing for some….anyway these will not fit the XR10 they just have the name because they are similar in width. Performing this mod allows the use of Wraith and XR10 chubs and knuckles on the SCX10 which many will love. It does require the purchase of the specialized rear axle shafts (also available) to make it work. Rockjock pumpkins and XR10 front CVDs are also required because they are not available as an entire axle kit as of yet.


-Fully licensed by Currie Enterprises

-Designed to be XR10 width, not compatible with XR MOA Axle

-Vanquish Products Currie XR10 Rear Axle Shafts sold separately VPS07570

-Original XR10 Axle Shafts will not work with this setup

-Compatible with Vanquish Prodcuts Currie SCX10 parts

These are available now.

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