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VBC Racing FF17 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car

VBC Racing FF17 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car

Are you a front wheel drive fanatic? Ya we know, not everyone is into the fwd scene, but for certain builds (and some race classes) front wheel drive is the bomb. Shipping soon from VBC Racing is the FF17. The FF17 is a high-end front wheel drive touring style car that is nearly a complete redesign from the previous model. Here are some of its highlights-

* New steering system w/ new geometry
* All new chassis design
* New smoother operating shocks
* Aluminum diff housing with aluminum gears
* All aluminum parts made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum
* Comes with front & rear sway bars
* Carbon fiber chassis, shock towers, floating servo mount, and upper deck
* Composite X Silver c-hubs, arms, knuckles, and rear hubs
* Can use standard or shorty packs
* Packs can be mounted in a standard or transverse layout

The FF17 has a part number of #D-05-VBC-CK26, a price of $269, and they are expected to start shipping later this month. To get all the gritty details simply give This Link a click.

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