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VBC Racing Firebolt DM2 2WD Buggy

VBC Racing Firebolt DM2 2WD Buggy

With indoor season in full swing, it seems a new 2wd is announced every day. We had one earlier today by Intech, now it is time to introduce the Firebolt DM2 by VBC Racing. Nope, VBC isn’t that well known here in the states, but the DM2 is very trick and it is pretty cool to show up to the track with something other than an Associated or Losi. What are some of the features on the Firebolt DM2?

* Mid-motor, low LCG layout design for high-bite tracks
* 7075 rear chassis strut
* One piece 2.5mm 7075 chassis
* 3.7mm carbon fiber towers
* Lightweight aluminum motor mount
* Reinforced idler gear
* Multiple battery mounting positions
* Chassis can use standard, shorty, square, or saddle packs
* 7075 mount mount, suspension mounts, rear bulkhead
* 12mm big bore 7075 shocks
* Hardened steel CV driveshafts
* Ultra-smooth ball diff
* Over-sized rear hub bearings

The DM2 is priced at $299, it starts shipping next week, and Right Here is the link to more details over on VBC’s website.

Hit This Link for more VBC Racing news on BigSquidRC.


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