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VBC Racing Lightning 12M Pan Car Kit

VBC Racing Lightning 12M Pan Car Kit

Some people say you can’t bash with a 1/12th scale pan car, when in fact they are a total blast to drive on smooth surfaces. Heck, they are also used for high-speed run cars and on custom builds.

The latest 12th scaler to hit the market is the Lightning 12M from VBC Racing. Like most modern pan cars, it is adorned with plenty of high quality build materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. What’s new on the 12M?

* Aluminum front shock mount
* Floating servo system
* Direct & indirect steering linkage w/ adjustable Ackermann
* Aluminium front chassis brace that can be grease filled for fine tuning
* New chassis
* Transverse battery layout
* Ultra-low center of gravity motor mount

The 12M is street priced at $249 and Right Here is the link to full details.

What else has VBC Racing been up to? Find out Right Here on BigSquidRC.


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