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VBC Lightning10 LM World Endurance Kit

VBC Racing Lightning10 LM World Endurance Kit

Simple yet durable, the Lightning10 LM World Endurance Kit from VBC Racing can make a great racer or be used as a cul-de-sac cruiser. On the outside it has a sleek Le Mans Endurance style body that is sure to turn heads, while under the hood is the heart of a lightening quick 10th scale pan car. Some of its features include-

* Uses normal 1/10 pan car tires & comes with BSR foam tires
* Carbon fiber rear main shaft
* Fiberglass chassis and bumper
* 7075 aluminum parts
* Adjustable camber, caster, toe, and ride height
* Tuning option parts are available
* Oil filled shock

The car is street priced at $229 and you can Click Right Here for more details over on VBC’s official website.

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