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Venom E-Fest 2016

Venom Booth At E-Fest 2016

The fine folks from Venom Group had a bunch of new products on display at E-Fest this year. Their booth was right next to ours, so we got plenty of chances to talk shop and to look over all their new gear.

For the flying crowd Venom has a huge new line-up of Fly series LiPo batteries. There are Fly series LiPos for just about everything that flies. From tiny to large (50 different sizes in all!), they were designed for fast charge times, to be lightweight, and to give great performance while flying.

Also being shown was the new Pro Duo battery charger. Featuring a cool looking stand up design, the dual output charger has good power (up to 7 amps) while being affordable ($99). To take a look at all the fine products offered by Venom hit up This Link to visit their website.

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Posted by in Events on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 12:07 pm