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Venom Easy Balance LiPo Charger makes charging and balancing LiPos easy

Venom thinks that all these super complicated chargers are overrated.  So they decided to simple it up a tad with their new Easy Balance LiPo Charger.  To start with this new charger is made only to charge 2s – 4s LiPos, no other chemistries are supported to complicate things.  Simpling it up a little more, they’ve made only one thing adjustable, the charge rate, and it’s done via an old school analog knob from 0.1 up to 4.5 amps.  And the Easy Balance charger uses plain old green and red LEDs instead of super fancy LCD screens to tell you what’s what.  It includes an AC adapter so you can use it at home without the need for a separate power supply.  So if you’re in the market for a new charger and are frightened by all those fancy chargers with tons of buttons and flashing screens then this may be the charger for you.

The Easy Balance Charger should be hitting store shelves around mid-October for an MSRP of $64.99.  Check out the Venom Group web site for more info.

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Posted by in Venom Group on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 at 5:51 pm