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Venom Shows off their Lipo’s and Boats

Venom Lipo Up first from Venom today are their new LiPo battery packs. The VEN-1554T 4000mah and VEN-1553T 3200mah packs come with the Traxxas High Current connectors to hepl push the limits of those new Traxxas motors, and also have the JSTX42.5 3P balance connectors.

Venom 1808 Up next come three new gas powered boats. The VEN-1808 Venom Segad Class 1 Racing RTR Gas Boat is almost 5 feet long! Whoa! I have a hard enough time running 1 foot long boats, I can only dream about having a place to run something like this!

Venom 1809 Venom 1807
On the left is the VEN-1809 Venom Strait Jacket XL. This one is a little smaller at 4.5 feet. Finally, on the right is the VEN-1807 King of Shaves Class 1 Racing RTR Gas Boat! Another 5 footer with a 30+ mph top speed! Wow. If you are looking for boats, it looks like Venom is giving you some big choices if you have the room to run.

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