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Venom Stronghold 25 amp dc battery charger

Venom Stronghold 25 Amp DC Battery Charger

Venom Stronghold 25 amp dc battery charger
Are we looking at the future of battery charging? The latest battery charger from Venom, the new Stronghold 25 Amp DC Charger, is not only quite powerful to get your Lipo’s charged quickly but also comes with the Stronghold battery containment system for added safety. Some of the key features include-

* IR-Mode, an internal resistance test to help evaluate your battery
* Backlit LCD screen makes the readout easy to see
* Up to 500 watts of charging power
* Up to 25 amp charge rate
* LED lights in the Stronghold Battery Containment Box make it easy to keep an eye on your battery
* Baffle in the box eliminates external charge or balance wires
* Accepts up to 26 volts DC of input
* Part #VNR0667

Street price is $199 and you can get more information on Venom’s Official Website.

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