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Video – CEN Racing Monster Truck Unboxing Race

Recently we got our hands on the new CEN Racing Solid Axle Monster Trucks We got a red HL150 and bright orange Ford B50, and while Doug did a proper photo unboxing, Jeremy and I decided we need to test our ‘Time To Bash’ category for the reviews.
The rules were simple, we had to grab the box, unbox it, put batteries in, apply two stickers, and hit a ramp. It was a lot of fun, and I don’t even think Jeremy got hurt too bad.
Sadly, our battery in the audio receiver on the camera started dying, and nobody noticed. About 1/4 the way in, we loose all the main audio off the mics, and had to cut to the second camera mic, that didn’t have a proper microphone set up. We were BUMMED! We didn’t want to re-shoot as it wouldn’t of been as raw as the first take, so we just edited as best we could. There was another 5 minutes of us going over the vehicle details, but we cut it out due to the poor audio quality. Sorry guys.. lesson learned! Hope you can still enjoy the racing!

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You can see Doug’s unboxing photos at that link.

Make sure to hit the official CEN Racing website for details.

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