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Video – How To Install A Surface FPV System By Hobbico

FPV (first person view) has taken off like gangbusters on quadcopters, but the surface world is lagging a bit behind. To help show you exactly what you need to go FPV in your truck/buggy/boat, Hobbico has released a new video. The video shows step-by-step the electronics that you’ll need, plus a few friendly tips to make sure your first experience driving via FPV is a good one. Tactic electronics are used in the video, which look to give excellent results from the on-board footage that is shown. Even if you aren’t planning on doing an FPV system at the moment, the video is still an interesting watch, so check it out.

To get full details on Tactic FPV electronics simply hit up This Link for the official Tactic website.

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Posted by in video on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 9:44 am