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Kyosho 4D Ride On Experience

Video – Kyosho Ride-On 4D Experience

Now here is something that the entire BigSquidRC Bash Crew wants in our office! Kyosho has recently been showing off their new Ride-On 4D Experience. The 4D Ride-On Experience reads sensors mounted inside a car or drone, then moves in a corresponding way to truly immerse the user in a total FPV experience.

Kyosho is also pushing FPV with their Radio Mounted On-Board Monitor (#82724BC). This is a Camera and Monitor that are both easily attached to most current rc cars and trucks. The monitor mounts to your transmitter, while the camera goes inside the car. Once installed, it gives the driver a nice FPV experience without having to spend massive money.

To learn more about the Kyosho Ride-On 4D experience and their new on-board monitor system, use This Link to hit up the official Kyosho America website.

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Posted by in video on Monday, October 16th, 2017 at 9:50 pm