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Video Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8 Tire

Video – Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8″ Tires

Video Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8 Tire
Pro-Line recently announced they are manufacturing Gladiator Tires for Traxxas sized 2.8″ wheels. Gladiators are known in the bashing world for providing excellent traction on loose/loamy surfaces and the new 2.8″ size makes it easy to glue a set up to your favorite Traxxas wheels.

To showcase the new Gladiators Pro-line has whipped up a video. The video not only gives details about the tires but it also shows them doing some real bash action. It’s cool to see Pro-Line showcasing the new Gladiators in a true basher setting like a city park, not on a track.

To get more information on the Gladiator 2.8s, hit up This Link for their product page on the Pro-Line website.

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