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PROTOform Upgrade Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 VTA

Video – PROTOform Upgrading The 4-Tec 2.0 For VTA Racing

With winter getting closer every day, it is time to get ready to race indoors. If you are a new Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 owner, racing the local VTA class could be lots of fun this winter. Lucky for you, the folks at PROTOform have released a new Video showing you how to get your Traxxas ready for battle. In the video, the PROTOform guys list out the part numbers needed, as well as the tools, that are needed to transform your stock 4-Tec 2.0 into a hot rod VTA racer. The video is a decent watch, you can enjoy it below.

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Posted by in video on Monday, September 18th, 2017 at 6:29 pm