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Waterproof? P-Shaw says MaxAmps, try water COOLED…

Look at that pack pictured above.  No, I mean really look at it.  Notice anything different about it?  Check the pic at left right (I’m an idiot), how about now?  See the tubing and brass nipples?  Why would it have those you ask?  Well because this pack is water-cooled!  Obviously made for boaters looking to eek a little more performance out of their brushless and LiPo powered systems, MaxAmps‘ new packs can be paired to a small water pump (also designed by MaxAmps) that will continually circulate water through the packs to keep them cool.  Not only that, you can patch the pump into your motor and ESC cooling lines and provide fresh, cool water to your entire drive package, even while sitting still in the water.

I totally forgot to write down the release and pricing information, but it’s probably “soon” and “comparable to other packs plus a slight premium for the cool, new tech.”  Keep an eye on the MaxAmps website for more info.

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Posted by in Max Amps, New Products on Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at 11:00 pm