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Weather Your R/C Ride with Carisma’s SCA-1E Patina Sticker Set

Does your showroom-shiny R/C trail rig need a touch of character? If you’re jonesing for a weathered, rusted look but don’t want to spend time in the paint booth, Carisma has launched its SCA-1E Patina Sticker Set (#16169).

The sticker set is designed for 1/10-scale vehicles and allows you to add patina patches and rust on as much of your R/C body as you’d like. You can cut the rust and patina decals to meet your personal tastes, and you can even remove and reapply them as you see fit. If you don’t have a crawler, this sticker set can add visual interest to just about any on-road R/C car, too.

Priced at $7.99, the SCA-1E Patina Sticker Set is available online at

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 at 10:36 am