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Welcome Cubby Reporter!

As part of our efforts to be bigger and better in 2008, we are starting to add more news, more writers, more everything! Our newest writer is going to turn up the heat a little in the RC world. He has been in the RC industry for years; now and then likes to vent and get things off his chest. When he asked about us writing for Big Squid RC, we were of course a little cautious, but feel that if anyone was going to have him as a writer, it probably should be us! His views and opinions are not necessarily those of Big Squid RC. Take the hate mail to the forums. 🙂

That being said we take great honor in welcoming Cubby Reporter to the Big Squid RC family!

Consider yourselves warned!

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Posted by in cubby, guest on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 at 11:41 pm