For Bashers, By Bashers!

We’re doing the encrypting thing too you guys!

In an attempt to be like all the other cool kids on the innerwebs, we’ve decided to implement some TLS encryption on our website. We actually implemented it a few weeks ago, and some of you have already found the https links we’ve been sprinkling into our posts. We’re still not quite ready to go full time with it though. So for now, if you are interested in visiting Big Squid over a encrypted https connection, you can do so by just updating your bookmarks or favorites or whatevers to As long as you see the green padlock next to the url in your address bar you should be good to go (unless you use IE 11 or earlier, then it’s not green, it’s gray). We’re going to roll with this as an optional thing for the next little while just to make sure all the bugs are worked out, but the plan is to switch to fully https as the default with no unencrypted connections soonish.

Why are we doing this you ask? Cause we can. Plus, it helps keep everyone safer we guess. So if you want to give it a whirl, go right ahead, but if you run into problems, let us know.


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Posted by in Site News on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 8:52 pm