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We’re Hiring Again!

Now Hiring: Video Editor, Writers, Sales, Social Media / Marketing

Yep, things are getting crazy around here again, and it’s time to expand the crew. We have updated our job page HERE. First on the list of people we need is a video editor. We have a TON of footage we need to get edited down into amazing bit-sized postable videos. Do you have the skills for making truly amazing videos?

Up next, we need could really use someone to help out in the ad sales department. Are you in the RC industry, do you know people that are? Do you have some sales experience? Check out the job openings!

Social Media / Marketing expert. Because we were born online, we live on line, and the amount of social media outlets is ever expanding. We need someone that can stay on top them all! Are you an Internet junkie? Do you live on Twitter and Facebook? Is the only way you communicate with others is via Snap Chat? Think you can take our already awesome online presence to the next level? Check out the opening here.

Writer: We are always looking for excellent writers to help out around here. While bashers are well rounded, anything rc goes type people, we are looking for people that can help bring areas of expertise to the page. Maybe you’re a large scale fanatic, or a boat guy. All you do is drift? Mini’s for the win? We want to hear from you, and the area you are most skilled at. The ability to communicate well and write is a huge plus.

If you can do more than one of the above, don’t be shy! We aren’t a huge company, and are fans of keeping things small, so the ability to tackle a few of these would be ideal.

Head on over to the JOB PAGE and see if you fit any of our needs.

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Posted by in Big Squid RC, Featured Posts on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 at 1:07 pm